Our Initiatives

Children's School

Faith Foundation started its 5 day school on November 15th 2006

The school was started with the objective of providing primary and secondary education to the children who had been attending the weekend classes for the past 3 + years. The plan of action was realized with the recruitment of 3 teachers who had experience in primary and secondary education previously and were also connected with NCERT from where the curriculum of the classes was decided

The school began with 15 children and within 10 months grew to 41. The school starts at 10.30 am and ends at 2 pm after providing lunch. In December and April 2008 we were able to get all the kids school uniform to create a sense of belonging as well as feeling of a formal school environment. The 2 rounds of clothes were to accommodate the extreme weather conditions of Delhi

In April 2008 we also realized that most children do not eat anything before their mid-day meal, as whatever available food is given to the boys or earning members, the girls and smaller children are not provided with more than 2 meals. Hence we started a breakfast program......

Playschool & Creche

In March 2009, we started our creche/playschool to take care of the children of the "working mothers" in the slum

Many women from our slums work as construction workers and take their children with them to the construction site where the child spends a dangerous day with dust and stones. Some of the women also work as domestic help and they leave their children alone in the slums to wander around by themselves and eat whatever they can salvage from garbage cans.

The playschool was started to take care of the children of these "working mothers" of the slums hoping to give the children a safe, secure place to spend the day in...

Currently we have 15 children enrolled in our playschool and 15 in our creche. Our day begins at 10:00am and goes on till 1:00 pm. The children enjoy a well planned, structured day with fixed timmings for play, studying, lunch and snacks

We train women from the slums to become playschool/creche teachers and they work in our establishment taking care of the children

We have tie ups with doctors to make monthly visits...

Women's Wing

This year in February 2009 we started a new program for women to provide empowerment and employment

There are four components to our women's wing which operates from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm:

Training in local trades: The women are taught skills like beautician training, tailoring and making handicrafts. We specialize in making products out of recycled, eco-friendly materials. We plan on selling our products on our website, through local fairs, fashion shows and also set up retail links for international sales. We plan on opening up our own parlor for women living in the slums and our trained beauticians will provide services at a subsidized rate

Healthcare training: The women are training to become “anganwadi workers” (rural health care workers). We plan on establishing a clinic in which our workers will take care of the basic health and dental needs of the slum population

Playschool teacher training: The women are trained to become daycare teachers

R.A.D (Rape, aggression, defense) training: Batches of our women are given a one month RAD training to make them physically confident and strong in facing issues like domestic violence